Things You Should Not Do On A Hiking Trip


You will come across many write-ups where you have been told about what to do, what to eat and what are the things that you need to carry when you go on Mont Blanc hiking tour and so on. But there are very few blogs, articles on what you should not do when you go on a hiking trip.

Last day, we were researching on the same lines and were surprised by the inadequate information available. Somehow, what are the things that you should not do in a hiking trip is happily ignored. Hence, we thought of covering this topic and sharing what we know with you all.

From our hiking trips over the years, we have learned to keep the following things in mind:

Pay respect to the local traditions. For any native their tradition is of utmost importance. They give immense respect to that. And kind of disrespect to their traditions is like insulting them. So before you embark on your Mont Blanc hiking tour find out what are the local traditions of the place. You can ask your agent for help. You can ever read up the books available.

Local food is great for your body: the altitude of the place where you are trekking is completely different from the plains where you are based. As such when there is a difference in altitude your body will react to it.

Your body will take time to adjust to the changed weather and atmosphere to ensure that you are prepared for the change, eat the local foods available there. It will help to keep you warm and will provide you with the energy required for the trek.

In fact, carry local fruits (that will give instant energy and will not rot quickly) with you so that you can eat them whenever you feel hungry on the trek.

Keep the area clean: just because you have come to trek and do not belong to the place does not mean that you will make it dirty. No matter where you stop to have lunch and dinner during the trek, always clean the area before you leave. Do not leave plastic packets, soft drink cans lying around they do not decompose easily and cause serious harm to the environment.

Research shows, every year tones of plastic waste is collected from these areas. If you cannot do anything good to nature then at least do not harm and cause disruption to it anymore.
And finally listen to what the guide is saying.

Do not try to act smart and override the decisions of the guide. If he says that the weather is not al right to proceed further and that you should camp down for the night then listen to him. Do not urge him to continue just because you think the weather is perfect to continue. They know better than you and can interpret the changes in weather much long before anyone else in the team does. So make sure that you follow his instructions completely.

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