Helmets The Most Important Mountain Bike Gear


Helmets are undoubtedly the most important mountain bike gear that is vital for your safety. There are several types of mountain bike helmets that are designed for specific types of mountain biking. For example, someone who prefers risky form of riding such as dirt jumping or downhill needs a full face mountain bike helmet that can offer serious protection. On the other hand someone who rides on single track or cross country should wear an open face helmet meant to provide lightweight and well-ventilated protection.

Latest mountain bike helmets are made of in-mould micro shell unlike traditional hard shell construction. This is because in-mould micro shell allows larger air vents and facilitates construction of different shapes of the helmet. Most of the modern mountain bike helmets feature a soft crushable foam inner shell often reinforced with nylon.

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The prices for mountain bike helmets start at $20 for a basic model to as high as $250 for advanced and high-end models. Basic helmets are suitable for leisure rides at moderate pace while high-end helmets feature a more serious impact-resistance technology and additional padding to protect your head even during serious falls. Some of the most popular helmets are Bell helmets, Giro helmets and Met helmets. Bell helmets are among the first few helmet brands to use Carbon fiber inserts in them. Some other brands include Giro, Specialized and Fox.

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Some of the key features that you should consider while buying the most important mountain bike gear i.e. the helmet:

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  • The number of air vents present in a helmet affects the rate of air flow through it. Therefore, make sure that the helmets you choose have right number of vents to offer you the cooling you need for your type of riding.
  • Check for inner ring adjustment. It facilitates a better and more customized fit of the helmet for added comfort.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking padding to soak up perspiration. Removable padding will be an added advantage in terms of cleaning and hygiene.
  • Nothing can offer better comfort than a helmet that is lightweight. Of course lighter the helmet, higher is the cost.
  • Correct size of helmet is very important for a comfortable fit. Although the basic helmets are available in only one size, advanced helmets like the Bell helmets are available in three to four different sizes to offer a snug fit for every head size.
  • A branded helmet whose spare parts are easily available in the market is a good buy as it ensures of a longer life of the mountain bike gear.

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